We are the Best-In-Class E-waste solutions

Think Green is a pioneer in providing safe and reliable electronic waste management in Sri Lanka. We are approved by the Central Environment Authority and License holder to export Hazardous waste under the UN Basel regulations to Japan & Singapore. Think Green merges social responsibility with a professional service oriented approach which allows companies in disposing electronics that would help them meet growing compliance requirements for greener and more secured environment.

Our experience in E-waste management is over 5 years and provided solutions for more than 100 companies (Financial, IT, Health Care sectors & manufacturing industries) in Sri


How We Work


We send an executive to inspect the e-waste condition and quantity for accurate quoting and planning

Reverse logistics

Think Green partners with third-party logistics for nationwide e-waste collection and uses barcodes for asset tracking.

Data destruction

Think Green ensures transparency and secure data destruction through software or physical destruction, executed on-site or at our factory using mobile equipment.


We increase the lifecycle of reusable IT products by identifying, sanitizing, testing, and replacing parts if needed to contribute to the circular economy.


Think Green’s shredding unit has an annual capacity of 3000 tons and separates commodities like plastics, metal, and glass for authorized downstream recyclers


Think Green uses urban mining to recover base and precious metals in our laboratory through a proprietary process.


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Mr Rohan Karr, GM of Cinnamon Grand Launches E-waste project on 5th June 2012 (World Environment day)

Truth about E-waste

Electronics contain hazardous and toxic and when disposed off in landfill, toxic chemicals from the e-waste seep into the ground leaving contaminated water and soil which remains in soil forever, endangering human life and other living beings.

Handing over to unauthorized parties or scrap dealers would end up in only benefit them by removing the reusable components and the balance ending up in landfills. Further the health risk and manual injuries is caused to unauthorized person or scrappers who haven’t the knowledge to deal with E waste, so please be cautious with
your e-waste .

Think Green’s Procedure in Handling E-waste !

At Think Green your E Waste is accepted for environment friendly recycling with the right technology to deal with hazardous materials. We first audit your e waste to advice you on solutions. Thereafter on mutual agreement for a long lasting solution, we will commence the collection of your e waste . After they enter our warehouse they will move to segregation stage and analyzed according to the guidelines for proper recycling. They are then packed and exported to our recycling partners who has the state of the art machinery and superior technology to recycle your e waste.