the north face outlet uk Tips On Decorating A Master Bedroom

the north face outlet uk Tips On Decorating A Master Bedroom

Tips On Decorating A Master Bedroom

Let’s face it women and men have different needs to fulfill in the bedroom. While women look at the bedroom as a room to take refuge, a place to relax with all their things around them. Women are creatures of comfort. Whereas men, they look for peace, sleep, and sex in a bedroom. They don’t appreciate all the the frilly comforts, as most women do. They could care less about loads of pillows, and such. To them loads of pillows spell out work taking them all off the bed each night, and one more thing to stumble over in the night on the way to the bathroom.

So, I have put together some good suggestions on how to decorate a master bedroom, in hopes of helping couples with common bedroom decorating dilemmas. I hope to show that he and she can come to a mutual agreement, by simply blending their decorating ideas. With the end product ultimately result in a fabulous master bedroom, that both will be very content to call their own.

How To Choose Just The Right Color Scheme For Your Master My best advice on where to start when decorating a master bedroom, even before you choose a paint color. I suggest you and your mate choose your bedspread, and linens. Whether it be a comforter, duvet cover or bedspread, choose and buy your bed cover first. It’s a common mistake to choose the color of paint for the bedroom walls, and apply it before choosing bedding. If you limit your color choice to what you have painted the walls, you may be sorry when you find that perfect bedspread or wonderful window treatment.

How To Choose A Color Scheme Choosing the bedspread first can also help you find the perfect motif for the room. You will most likely be drawn to a particular style of bed cover that will guide you right into the perfect dcor for your mate and you. The bed as a rule is the focal point in a bedroom. It will not only dictate the color scheme, but it will also set the direction of the dcor . So choose your bed cover first, and you will find all the rest of the decorating decisions will come easy. Color trends in the bedroom are all about creating a personal space that expresses your innermost desires. For many of us, that means a retreat in which we can relax and rejuvenate. Most people want to simplify their lives, and that seems to be evident in the latest color palette trends. In reality you walk a fine line when you try to combine feminine with the masculine. The trick is, keep it simple. Note the photo The bed is a white the design of the bed is simple, yet has a bit of a feminine lines, but not overly feminine.

The linens are clean bright white, yet they are down and fluffy, again a bit feminine. Choose linens that are a bit more subdued, not only in color but pattern. This will somewhat even the score, so to say. Play down the feminine features of the bed by using other furniture in the room that is more masculine, or simple as in the photo. Also keep accessories simple, no frills.

I am Going To Use Gram’s Bed !!!I have my Grandmother’s wonderful antique bedroom set. The bed brings back wonderful memories of times I spent with my grandmother.

Antiques are wonderful, and certainly can be used in a his, her room.

Note the photo, The decorator used a wonderful antique bed. By using the right fabric and color, grandmother’s bed can become a his/ hers bed.

When using fabrics that are soft in color, and neutral in pattern it creates a very rich, yet neutral look. Makes the bed none gender, so to say.

include antiques, mix it up when it comes to accessories. Some masculine, some feminine. You will be surprised how well all will mesh.

Perhaps on the female night stand a well loved porcelain figurine or jewel box, on his side perhaps a couple old leather books? You get the idea.

I assume he thinks it perhaps to girlie?

Brass beds are wonderful. Many Woman love brass beds. They are romantic, and can really be frilled up to the max.

Most men think them feminine. However, they don’t have to be. Note the photo, tone the bedding down with medium to deep toned fabric, make sure the linens are kept somewhat tailored, and the bedspread hangs to the floor, no bed skirt. In regard to furniture that will accompany the brass bed, keep it simple. If the bed is as in this photo, you can even use contemporary furniture with it. Keep the furniture simple in lines. Do the same with the accessories? All these changes will add up to a his/her room that both will be happy in.

He will most certainly want to lay across that big brass bed. However, most men do not appreciate a canopy bed, due to the frill factor.

So remove the frills, use either very light gauze fabric or a very heavy fabric that has masculine overtones. Keep the bed linens simple, and the rest of the rooms furniture on the simple side. By using traditional furniture it will tone down the frill factor.

Keep accessories to a minimum, and gender neutral. Note the photo, the decorator has pulled the look off perfectly. White is wonderful. So crisp and clean. It’s a great choice for a his/her bedroom.

Want to add a "little something special" think vintage."

Vintage linens, such as some wonderful crisp white pillow cases or shames. They are easy to find, and make such a statement. Choose white on white embroidery pillow cases or perhaps cases that hold an old monogram. You can find great vintage linens at antique shops, flee markets, and second hand stores. Many in pristine condition, due to not ever being used. Many fine linens have been tucked away in linen closet, and actually never used?

A bed all done up in vintage white linens is an all time favorite of mine.

I want Color He loves neutrals !Again easy solution. Some people just prefer to sleep on white sheets. That’s one reason white sheets remain the number one selling sheet color year after year.

This problem can be solved very easily, he gets to have his white sheets, you get to choose a wonderful color of your choice for the bedspread. You actually can’t go wrong when choosing your color. Do keep in mind to try to keep the bedspread you pick in a his/her fabric, and or print. By this I mean no lace or feminine colors. Bold stripes or bold prints would be a great choice for a his / her bedroom.

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