ray ban outlet uk How to Replace the Seat Belt on a Volkswagen Golf

ray ban outlet uk How to Replace the Seat Belt on a Volkswagen Golf

How to Replace the Seat Belt on a Volkswagen Golf

Open your owner’s manual and locate the section dealing with seats and the seat belt system. Use this as a reference for any parts of the process that might vary somewhat, such as when dealing with electrical seats that have a slightly different removal procedure than older or newer models.

Locate the top shoulder harness retaining system on the upper panel of your Volkswagen. Pry off any cover using a flat head screwdriver. Use your tool of choice (socket and ratchet or wrench) to remove the bolt(s) from the bracket and release the top of the belt.

Look under the seat to find the bottom anchor for the shoulder harness. Check your owner’s manual for specifics. Some Golfs have anchors bolted to the floor, others have carpet over them, and others have bolts on the outside of the seat itself. In some cases you may need to remove the seat entirely to access the shoulder retaining bolts to loosen the rest of the belt. Use a wrench or socket and ratchet to remove the bolt(s).

Locate the belt anchor for the buckle on the inside of the seat (right side for driver’s seat and left side for the passenger’s seat) and unbolt it. Remove it gently, and check the underside to see if there is a wire connection leading to the instrument panel. Disconnect this wire and set it aside.

Attach the new belt anchor for the buckle, and reattach the wire (if there was one in the first place). Tighten the mounting bolt(s) in place. Attach the new bottom anchor for the shoulder harness and replace the seat/carpet/other accessories if required. Run the belt up to the top shoulder harness mounting and attach it to the mounting bolt(s). Replace the cap (if necessary).

The VW Beetle is a legendary Volkswagen car that has been around for over 70 years. It doesn matter if your VW.

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