ray ban outlet uk definition of mid

ray ban outlet uk definition of mid

definition of mid

Middle; central.

2. Being the part in the middle or center: in the mid Pacific.

3. Linguistics Of, relating to, or being a vowel produced with the tongue in a position approximately intermediate between high and low, as the vowel in but. Surrounded by; amid: mid smoke and flame.

[Alteration of amid.]

mid (m adj1. (Phonetics Phonology) phonetics of, relating to, or denoting a vowel whose articulation lies approximately halfway between high and low, such as e in English bet

n2. an archaic word for middle

[C12 midre (inflected form of midd, unattested); related to Old Norse mithr, Gothic midjis]

mid1 (m

adj. 1. being at or near the middle point of: in mid autumn.

2. (of a vowel) articulated with an opening above the tongue approximately intermediate between those for high and low, as the vowels of bet, bait, but, and boat. Compare high (def. 20), low 1 (def. 27).

n. 3. Archaic. the middle.

[before 900; Middle English, Old English midd ; c. Old High German mitti, Old Norse mithr, Gothic midjis, Old Irish mide, Latin medius, Greek msos, Skt madhya middle]

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