moncler outlet uk Now Available For Streaming

moncler outlet uk Now Available For Streaming

Now Available For Streaming

Netflix newest original show, Mako Mermaids, is now available for streaming. The show is a spin off of popular Australian teen show H20 Just Add Water.

Here the official description:

This sequel to Just Add Water follows a boy named Zac who turns into a merman after falling into a magical Pool. Zac new powers could spell trouble for the three young mermaids who guard Mako Island.

Thirteen episodes are available, and another thirteen will be available in September. Titles of the available episodes are: Outcasts, Getting Legs, Meeting Rita, Lyla Alone, Blizzard, Dolphin Tale, Zac Pool Party, Zac Return To Mako, The Siren, Zac Returns to Mako, I Don Believe in Mermaids, Close Call and Betrayal.

Titles for the forthcoming episodes are: Battlelines, Sirena Secret, Truce, Moon Ring 2, The Trident Job, Where the On Button?, Nowhere to Hide, Aquata Returns, Evie Times Two, Zac Choice and Trust.

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