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December 17, having suffered a severe heart attack, giving a rude

born just six . Sita his devoted spouse and Lalit expressed wish to see only new born grandson and only

son Amal in New York and left Sri Lanbka only a week Lalit demise. I have had pleasure of knowing Lalit for almost 65 and assosciating with him

Britain, then the US and even in Kosovo where he with the United

in houses down Havelock Rd in those halcyon daysLalit was the renowned Mudliyar C. M Agalawatta who in Certificates. His m was the sister of one time Chief HemI were at Royal Collge together. He joined two I did. still recall with nostalgia how we used to ride with his Vauxhall Velox when he ferried us to Royal and back and then pick

and sadly passed away two ago) from the University of Ceylon Lalit threw actively into sporting activities playing .

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