cheap ray bans uk Are Feed And Hay Combinations A Scientific Formula

cheap ray bans uk Are Feed And Hay Combinations A Scientific Formula

Are Feed And Hay Combinations A Scientific Formula

Setting up a good feeding program for your horse can become overwhelming. There are so many choices when it comes to deciding what type of feed is best. Choosing high quality hay is a good place to start. The way a horse’s digestive system works the high fiber and roughage found in quality forage is good for them.

For years horsemen have used alfalfa hay which has its pros and cons. Aside from the expense and its limited availability, the hay itself is so rich in nutrients and so fine, it can actually cause health and even behavior problems for a horse. However, using alfalfa hay in small amounts can be beneficial.

A good grass based hay, such as Orchard grass, Timothy, Alicia, or Russell hay, is a good place to start looking for quality forage. Timothy tends to contain a bit more heavy stalks if it is baled late. A lot of horses seem to prefer the softer, wider blades contained in the Orchard grass type hay.

Alicia and Russell hays are grown primarily in the southeast, and are excellent choices. Alicia hay is made of a finer grass that tolerates drought well. Russell is a bit thicker with more protein. Coastal Bermuda hay is also an excellent choice to base your feeding program on.

When looking for a quality hay make sure to inspect the hay you are considering for purchase. Good quality hay should have a nice green color and a fresh smell. The hay should be free from dust and mold. It’s worth the extra expense to make sure you are buying high quality forage to insure the health and well being of your horse.

Having the hay tested by your local agency for agriculture can also help you in setting up the best feeding program for your horse.

When setting up this program, take into account your horse’s age, his activity level, and oftentimes his breeding. Some breeds are harder keepers meaning they require more supplementation in their diet to maintain proper weight than others. You’ll need to be aware of this, so that you can plan accordingly for their dietary needs.

Basically, to keep your horse in optimum health find a good quality hay then provide whatever supplements they may need. Always have plenty of fresh clean water, a mineral block and exercise.

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