cheap michael kors What to Wear Kayaking With Flip

cheap michael kors What to Wear Kayaking With Flip

What to Wear Kayaking With Flip

Kayaking is an invigorating water activity. Many outdoor enthusiasts kayak year round. Regardless of the area or the season, proper gear is always essential. In the warm summer months, many outdoor adventurers jump into their kayaks dressed as lightly as possible, and although it is not recommended, people often go out on the water wearing flip flops. Experts discourage this and instead recommend water socks, sturdy sandals or booties; however, you should consider proper clothing attire no matter what you decide to wear on your feet.

Gear Up

When kayaking, choose clothing appropriate for the season. If you are on the water in the cooler months, wear clothing that is going to keep you as warm and dry as possible. Layer, with focus on mid weight garments made from spandex or polyester. Wearing gear made from fibers that breathe is necessary to avoid over heating. Specialty fabrics such as garments are great for keeping your body dry. Proper attire is just as important as, if not more than, the kayak and corresponding gear. Improper attire can lead to exposure to the elements. If there’s a chance of rain, kayakers need to consider waterproof garments and rubber boots in order to be safe and comfortable.

Summer Swag

While experts stress the importance of proper gear when going out on the water, people will ultimately dress with comfort in mind. This results in garments such as tank tops, shorts and flip flops. In some cases style is a factor. Often people will dress in what looks good rather than what is considered safe and appropriate for a water activity. With this in mind, if you are going to wear flip flops while kayaking, you should ensure the rest of your attire is recommended for kayaking. During the summer, a swim suit should be worn under your clothing. Shorts and a T shirt may be worn, but they should be made from fabric that dries quickly. Clothing that clings to your body when wet is not recommended and can lead to chafing and, in some cases, hypothermia.

From Store to Riverside

Consumers have a broad range of apparel to choose from when selecting kayaking gear. Clothing manufacturers have managed to produce garments that are both functional and fashionable. Products vary from professional wet suits to waterproof and water resistant pants and shirts. Many clothing lines are color coordinated and offer complete outfits in matching kayak appropriate apparel to outfit any consumer.

On the Surface

Kayaking involves training and practice, despite the fact many people go out on the water strictly for fun. Proper gear and safety awareness is a must. However, if you are going to be more comfortable than cautious, be smart in your choice of attire. In the summertime, wear your flip flops, shorts and T shirt. But, be certain that your clothing is made from material that will keep you dry and cool. Given the variety in sports apparel today, kayak enthusiasts can be both safe and stylish.

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