Think Green

Carbon Management


Businesses and Institutions everywhere today have an imperative to reduce cost and comply with new Regulations by cutting carbon emissions. Think Green is a specialist in providing eco friendly solutions. We work in partnership with major commercial and public sector organizations to enable them to measure, manage and mitigate their carbon emissions and obligations responsibly

Think Green central proposition is to provide our clients with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to measure and manage their carbon emissions on an ongoing basis, allowing them to report against regulatory and voluntary schemes and meet our customer requirements.

With a wide range of products, we can help organizations produce reliable results capable of meeting the rigorous standards of climate legislation and third-party verification.

Why and Why Now?

Decision makers’ concerns about environmental issues have doubled over the past four years. These executives are now being asked to quantify and reduce corporate energy use and environmental footprints. Consumers increasingly make buying decisions based on a vendor’s environmental credentials. While actual global financial crisis may divert some of our attention from issues of corporate social responsibility, a comprehensive policy to increase energy efficiency and reduce materials and waste continues to provide immediate opportunities for cost savings, profit improvement and product creation.

Business Drivers towards carbon management

• Regulation

Climate change programs, EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Kyoto Protocol with the GHG reduction targets are just a few examples of the increasing national and international regulations that companies have to comply with and report on.

• Stakeholder Pressure

Investors, pressure groups, NGOs, regulators and customers increasingly demand visibility and accountability.

• New Business

This change clearly leads to the development of new products, leads to innovation in the carbon emissions reduction arena and to the development of new technologies.

  • Costs

Reduction in carbon emissions gives the opportunity to also decrease costs by streamlining processes.


  • Business Benefits


Companies already on this carbon management journey of addressing environmental issues are enjoying the following benefits:

  • Competitive Advantage, Leadership

Differentiate the company and create market advantage via innovative activities and commitments. A well communicated green corporate strategy based on environmental values may be translated into an improved brand image.

  • Financial Protection/Lower cost of Compliance

Protect financial objectives by meeting all legal and regulatory requirements. Minimize costs and risk exposure.

  • People behavior and morale

The impact of employee behavior on environment policy is significant. Employee participation in carbon emission reduction will increase their social responsibility and companies that adopt these practices attract and retain top talent.